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21Sep, 2015
Valvserve to invest in resources and expansion
Pan Gulf Valvserve ... service oriented

Pan Gulf Valvserve ... service oriented

The Saudi Arabia-based valve servicing company’s business model and the ambition is to expand its service portfolio to other related disciplines, with a targeted new service each year to 2020

Pan Gulf Valvserve, operating in the Eastern Region (Jubail) of Saudi Arabia, which performs a range of valve, and related components, repair, maintenance and overhauling services including pipeline intervention, leaks and emissions control and mechanical services, has been successful in winning new oil and gas project works in Saudi Arabia’s Western Region.

This, in addition to its global contracts and eastern region activities, utilising its specialised equipment and techniques and its unique skills and ability, Valvserve expects a 40 per cent overall growth this year compared to 2014/15 (fiscal year), says a company spokesman.

The company has completed large scale projects in the Western Region and Kuwait in pipeline intervention services (40-inch #600 hot tap on high pressure oil; 22-inch + 20-inch double position line stops on heavy fuel oil; 36-inch #150; and 28-inch #150 Hot Taps onto crude and heavy fuel oil pipelines).

Valvserve, which is currently meeting budget and sales targets, has completed three major projects on time and within budget, he says.

Among its successful operations is mechanical services onsite, offered for shutdowns and turnarounds. This yields a total percentage of 60 per cent of the revenues (fiscal year April 2014 to March 2015). It has just invested in new test benches for its three workshops in Jubail, Yanbu and Bahrain, and portable safety relief test benches for site services, which will ensure that it can expand capacity and grow the company further.

Besides looking to stabilise the company and continually grow through the addition of new complementary services, Valvserve will continue to invest in resources and growth expansion.

Renovations are currently ongoing in its Jubail facility, Bahrain operations has recently been relocated to a new and improved facility, negotiations are ongoing for a new workshop in Yanbu and pipeline intervention agency agreements have been reached in Kuwait and Oman.

"We are in-kingdom service partners for the Mokveld range of valves, Solent and Pratt range of valves, HP Valve service partners, various OEM spares suppliers and pipeline intervention designers and suppliers. Other technical partner tie-ups are being negotiated," he says.

Valvserve, which used to operate as a combined facility with a manufacturing focus, started operating as an independent company fully focused on services from 2014/15 (fiscal year). Subsequently, the development of control valve service capability has resulted in an increase in service offering for the company.

The majority of the company’s services include calibration and certification of valves for new-build projects, mechanical and instrumentation site services for control valves, safety relief valves and shut- off valves and pipeline intervention services such as hot tapping and line stopping (stoppling), he says.

Valvserve also increased its capacity for larger-sized valves which resulted in completing work on 96- inch butterfly valves, while previously the maximum size was only 66 inches.

"We have a team of skilled engineers and technicians who are able to deliver a complete range of services for mechanical, safety and control valves. The services range from vacuum to high pressure across a broad spectrum of sizes and pressure ratings," he says.

Customer satisfaction is a key aspect of Valvserve’s business model and its ambition is to expand its service portfolio to other disciplines, with a targeted new service each year to 2020.


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